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I know what your problem is: you ride goofy! switch to a normal riding stance and your POV filming will come out better :P

that was a neat little drop I suppose. Why didn't you film in HD? Or did you just create a non-HD video file to upload to Youtube?

POV filming has it's downfalls for sure; I have the GoPro HD Hero, too. In my opinion you're going to get much better footage using a pole mounted POV camera, you can do this with the GoPro with an old ski pole or whatever sort of pole you have lying around. I used a retractable broom handle. Alternate holding the pole-mounted camera in front of you and also you can use it in your trailing hand to get a follow-cam POV. Both of these will put you in the frame and make a more enjoyable video.

Here's a quick one I recently put together (looks best in 720P HD):

YouTube - Breck Sunday - Dave

In hindsight, I wish I would've extended the pole another foot or two, and I used too much follow-cam, I like the camera to be out in front, filming back at me.

Get a pole that's a minimum 3 ft / 1 metre long and that should do the trick.
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