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Well you can blame America's "Convenience" generations for the above crimes. For the past 40 years since the start of the McDonald's fast food joint, American society has been moving ever more to a perfect apex of, "I want it now, and I'm going to get it now or I'm going to throw a fucking fit!".

Everything is instant gratification. Oh, your hungry huh? Don't bother spending the time cooking a nutritious meal, throw that corporate Hot-Pocket in the microwave instead and enjoy the gloriousness that is Trans-Fat and MSG.

No, I don't want to be inconvenienced talking to you on the phone. Send me an impersonal text-message instead.

This type of instant gratification society has led people to think that all problems can be solved within the hour, and that they shouldn't except anything less.

Never mind the fact that it took Bush 8 years to ruin the economy, they want it fixed in under a year. Excepting anything less would mean he's obviously a horrible communist-Muslim president.

I don't follow politics enough to make any serious judgement on Obama, either for or against, but I can tell you he has only made things better then they were. Serious fuck-ups take a long time to fix, especially when Corporations with special interests own most of the government anyway.

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