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I think Americans in general have a very short memory. in this fast paced 24 hour news cycle world it can be very easy to forget just exactly how much of a fuckup George W. Bush was. I am fully convinced that history will judge him the worst president in American history. If not the very worst, at least in the top 3. I can't exactly speak to James Buchanon and Taft. But the laundry list of thing that W fucked up is so astronomically long. He basically ruined everything. Got us into two wars, allowed a terrorist attack to take place right under his nose with many warnings. didn't get Bin Laden. allowed big banks to loot the treasury. allowed self policing of wall street and big business which directly lead to what could have easily been the second great depression. it goes on forever. Obama was left the biggest mess ever.

all the far right wackos think he is a radical leftist. I only wish he was really just a little bit farther to the left and not such a pussy about it. THe times he took over are times that demanded a radical approach. the type of radical approach FDR took during the first great depression . that's what made him a legend and remembered as one of the greatest presidents ever. he didn't pussyfoot around. The new deal was extremely radical. only there wasn't any foxnews or right wing echo chamber propaganda machine to make the average moron against him back then.
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