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Wow, a few things about comments here...

First, the Magnetraction deal... It's a love/hate relationship with that tech. Being an Ice Coast rider, magnetraction absolutely rocks for me. I love the tech on ice. However, there are situations where I found it to be a little too grippy. Not enough of a concern for me to forgo the benefits of magnetraction. Being able to mach down an icey steep without loss of control is a plus in my book.

Next issue, the Raygun comment... Stiff??? You must have been riding a size that was too big for you. The Raygun is an excellent board for the price and I highly recommend it to the all-mountain rider on a budget. However, it's not the greatest board on ice.

The Turbo Dream is the Raygun's big brother. It handles ice just fine and is very fast. I mean FAST! I took it to Tahoe with factory wax and it ripped. I'll admit that I was caught off guard with the speed of this thing. The one I demoed wasn't as fast, but that's expected because who knows if that board was ever waxed between demo days.

I won't lie though, Burton's frostbite edges work better in ice than the Turbo Dream. I also hear NS's Variogrip is excellent. It's hard to believe that anything works better than magnetraction on ice though.
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