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Default Stance questions for beginners...

Hey, so this guy I've been talking to has decided he wants to come learn how to snowboard. I'm just getting back into it all so my technique isn't as good as it once was but I'm comfortable with the concepts to be able to tell him and show him the basics. Anyways his roommate has an old board and boots that he said he could question is, is there a stance that is typically easier for beginners to learn to ride with? Before we go out I gonna have him strap in to the board anyway to test it out...but I'm just wondering if there was something specific beginners should start with. I can't remember exactly how my board was when I first learned but I think the back foot wasn't at much of an I ride with my feet completely in a duck position but that's because it's easier for me to ride switch that way.

Any opinions I would appreciate thanks!
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