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Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
In light of being depressed on the current state of the U.S, one thing I noticed is that everyone writes articles about what's wrong with our country. What I never see however, is a solution to anything. This just reaffirms my belief that people just like to bitch and blame, but when it comes to solving the problem they don't really want to be bothered.

So, we obviously all know our country is corrupt as hell and is getting worse everyday as multi-billion dollar corporations with CEO's who make 500 times the average American worker's wage gain the power to do whatever they want and a Government that is so easily bought out you really never know who you can trust anymore.

For the more politically involved people, what are some things that you think are essential towards fixing what is wrong with our country? Do you think it is actually possible to turn things around at this point?

While I can be politically passionate, I'm not a terribly politically involved and educated person, in the sense that I'm sure you could find flaws in my argument because I don't spend exorbitant amounts of time researching.

That being said, for me, step #1 would definitely start with:

~ Get corporations and big business OUT of the government. Anyone affiliated with a corporation on a business level should be considered politically a conflict of interest and should be essentially unable to hold political positions above a county district level. These individuals may put the well being of a corporation above the well being of all countrymen, skewing the political process.
While not 'fixing the current state we're in', I've always felt that this would be a good way to eliminate politicians and instead have 'average Joe's' who care about getting things done/improving the country as opposed to becoming rich and famous:

All elected officials have a two year maximum term limit. Not long enough to break anything beyond repair, and not short enough to not let you attempt changes.

During said two years, elected officials will make what the average American makes. If the economy is doing poorly, so will the official's pay -- incentive to improve the country. Upon leaving your elected position, your pay and benefits leave you as well - no more sponging off of the taxpayer for life.

This would eliminate 99% of politicians who 'represent you' when in reality, they have nothing in common whatsoever with reality. An old stodgy senate member making $175,000 per year for the rest of their life, with limitless benefits and endless 'freebies' does not represent me, my beliefs, my work ethic, or my character.

I think this would bring about elected officials who truly wanted to make a difference instead of a name for themselves while padding their wallet.
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