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Skidded Turns vs. Carving

So I spent three days near a mountain here and it was only the second trip I've made to the mountain so far. I went once the week before (for only one day) and attempted a simple green run, only to spend the whole time on my heel edge. It was pretty pathetic >__<

Luckily, these three days I managed to get some amazing teachers (I took an hour and a half lesson each day) and by the first day I was linking turns down the blues. On the second day, I was making the whole motion more "fluid". I would go down on my heel edge, slow myself down a bit by getting a bit more perpendicular to the hill, and change into my toe edge. Then I'd do the same, slowing down and going back to my heel edge. I started getting it a bit better to the point where I could get myself to slow down in a less "extreme" way (less perpendicular to the hill).

It felt good so I'm guessing it was good, and my brother said he saw me from a lift and said I looked like a guy who we were with the week before who had been snowboarding for years and years. So I'm guessing that's a good sign

But on the third day, I got a lesson where the person I was with told me the turns I was making were called skidded turns. He said they weren't bad, but he wanted to teach me to carve. He didn't explain it very well and I'm still not sure what the difference is between skidded turns and carving. After listening to him for that hour and a half I basically took from the lesson that carving is going across the hill without slowing myself down (like I did in my skidded turns) and that the tail always has to follow the nose (so skidding ruins that pattern because the tail is no longer in line with the nose).

So I kind of got better at it, but I'm still not so comfortable with it, and the worst part is, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I'm afraid to go so fast because... it just feels so wrong. I guess that feeling will go away in time.

I was watching a video of a skidded turn earlier to see how I could improve and move into carving, and so I watched Snow Wolf's video here YouTube - Dynamic Skidded Turns

In the first 40 seconds he makes skidded turns down the hill, apparently. But those look like carves to me. Do I have the wrong idea of what carving is, then? The tail follows the nose in his turns and I don't see skidding, so am I wrong or is the video wrong? I'm thinking that I'm wrong, because Snow Wolf knows his stuff.

Basically what I need is an explanation of what carving is and any tips on moving from skidded turns into carving.
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