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When I was in I worked with an elderly gay man... that worked the crypto vault.. and for 3 years I dealt with him flirting and had to just accept it as he was much higher ranking... so... while I don't have any problems with homosexuals at all (my girl is a hairstylist... so I'm pretty much surrounded on all sides most of the time)

I can see where the problem is, I know most gay people aren't as open... and I don't feel like that they should be allowed to be in the workplace.

I had to deal with that old pervert flirting and everyone talking shit about it for three years knowing if I said anything out of line, I'd be fucked, figuratively of course.

So while I agree partially on the whole gay rights deal, I don't agree that they should be allowed to flaunt that shit the same way I wouldn't be allowed to perv out on the female members I served with, not that I'd ever want to ( those who were in know. )

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