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Default Who from forum you'd want to ride with...

Who are the people from this forum you'd most want to go riding with? Here is my short list, and I know I am forgetting people.

PaoloSmythe: Dude cracks me up on like every post he makes. I think I'd just be laughing my ass off the while time. Plus, he likes the evil music.

Kri$han: Eveyone needs a Canadian to make fun of.

Alaric: Somehow I think he would have a super smooth style

Boarderholic: Has a Never Summer logo in his sig file. Say no more.

Snowolf: Socialist. Knows his shit. Great atttiude.

: I shouldn't even have to explain this one....

Who else am I forgetting...Boarderholic, Kirkwood, Lisevolution, Dcp584...
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