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Thanks for the props gang. I am starting slow even though this is a large jump for me. My 1st few rides were just slow enough for me to get over the lip
I started to add more speed but still only landing a few feet from the lip.
I think this is called a table top jump, no gap so it is fairly safe even though it is large.

I did try some grabs but as others have pointed out I was leaning to far over the edge of my board and I washed out, painlessly thank goodness.

I need to control my back, bring legs up and arms still other than a grab. I was doing indy's last year but I might be trying to hard here, or pschyed out, but I"m taking it slow and trying new things.
I rode my 1st rail Thursday and then, same night, did an ollie onto a rail. Got me stoked even though the ollie went well, I almost stalled it on the rail I was going so slow , getting there and the speed did increase as the night progressed.

I'll keep this thread posted with pics and info, please add pics of your beginner/learning jumps or even you advanced guys giving us newer riders something to strive for.
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