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Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
There is a level of flatness that is pretty negative to the new snowboarder. Think of it like riding a bicycle, in order to balance you need to be moving. It's the same with making turns on a snowboard, if your going too slow making turns is going to be hard and the chance of catching an edge is much higher.

Edge control is a big part of not catching edges on flats, which comes with practice. One thing I would suggest is to try and get as much speed as possible when having to traverse on cat-traks, it will reduce the chances of catching an edge and you can zoom past all the kooks blocking the trail.

true. I have found that if I have enough speed I can usually manipulate my downward edge well enough to flow straight ahead by turning the back foot and just moving my shoulders from square to the direction I want to correct. For awhile at least. When I slow down then I start riding pure edges and just switching. When I go too fast or too slow for either of those ideas, I'm out of ideas and just panic for more ideas until I come up with something or go plop into the snow...then I'm going slow enough again to just ride a pure edge again.

I'll get it I guess, but for me, those green circles and the last few feet to the lift are harder than anything else at the moment
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