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Originally Posted by StarCommand View Post
There are issues with the health care bill. My uncle is a Republican, or so he thinks, and he loves to debate with me because he think I love President Obama like a majority of America loves Oprah. I voted for President Obama, but that doesn't mean I want all up ons.

A couple months ago we got into it on the phone because my uncle's friend was trying to start an argument with me on Facebook and kept implying that I was just some silly youth. I hate fat, white, Republicans...

Anyway, I got a good perspective of why he didn't like the health care bill, and it made a lot of sense. He's pretty middle-of-the-road, so his arguments are generally valid and rooted in the betterment of the people, unlike a lot of Republicans who are greedy fuckers and just want to mess with President Obama because he's black and they can't just come right out and say that they're racist.

My uncle feels as if health care should be provided, but that there should be no insurance companies. There might be a PBS Frontline episode about this. I remember watching something, or reading something. Basically, the insurance companies need to make a buck in this deal, so that's why there's all this mandatory health care with penalties for those that don't jump on board crap. I don't like that either. My uncle feels as though you should be able to go get health care, and the bill goes to the government, and they pay it. No questions.

What's happening now, is the government is backing the insurance companies, and requiring you to have insurance. The funding shouldn't be going there. The insurance companies are what are keeping the health care industry fucked. You can't build a public service on a platform of profit and expect it to serve the people in the best way possible.

I would argue that the health care bill wasn't as major an achievement as it may be perceived to be. It is a step in the right direction, and it's more than anyone before has done, but I don't think it is going to get the job done in the long run without a lot of reform. Unfortunately, I don't think President Obama will have the time in office to see that through, and the Republican that takes over will toss that out the window the first day in office.

I'm still wondering where that education reform is...

That is because the big Pharma lobby has too much influence in US any other Lobby.
This is a country designed for corporations, that lets them make their own laws and put their men in key places, like the supreme court, see the "citizen United" law.

The most amazing thing to me, is that most of repulicans I met, are working class people...that in every other country on Earth would never dream of defending any other than other working class families.
here isntead they line up with whoever responds to their brainwash bulletpoints: Abortion, God, and gays. Points masterfully owned by...

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