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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Riding on the flats takes a different technique to maintain an edge without making full, complete circles. Instead of using torsional flex and making C shaped turns, you are going to use very gentle weight shifts from toe to heel using both feet simultaneously while keeping the board pointed down the run and tracking true without sideslip. It is very important to eliminate unwanted pivot by ensuring that you do not add shoulder or hip rotation and keep your hands down and quiet. I think this video I produced about riding cat tracks should help you far better than any written advice can do. Take a gander and give it a try. Feel free to ask any additional questions....

good video. Thanks!

I try to do that, but often the speed is too slow to get that much turn out, or there are way too many people and too much garbage (ice crystals) all over to get a good back and forth turn. Keep in mind however that I just learned how to toeside ride/turn 1 outting ago :O yea I'm very new.
I ride an edge the best I can, but often the side to side angle of the slope requires me to ride one edge, the longer I ride that edge, the more my board wants to turn from side to side. I have to work my shoulders constantly to stay true to my line of travel...straight! eventually, because the board is always going a bit off true to straight, I end up hitting a raised spot from the snow that sticks up, which kicks my board out from under me in teh opposite direction, thus causing me to catch and edge and fall if I can leap up quick enough and plant the board down straight and true.

The other issue happens when I'm picking up speed. I was yelling things like oh S**T and things like that. I find myself crouching down farther to center my balance, I try to do that side to side quick turns but usually bite it due to panic or , because I jsut can't seem to get the toe to heel transition down for some reason.

I'm working on it. I can tell you that almost everything I do out there was learned through these forums. Little things stick when you need them the most. I still stink really bad, probably 15 falls in my last outting, usually all slow speed or cat trail falls though.
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