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Originally Posted by StarCommand View Post
I picked up the ladies' Zoom Force Ones a couple weeks ago. Was previously rocking Burton Supremes that I had heat molded. What a fucking mistake. I didn't get the Nike's heat molded. They are damn snug. I have a bit of a wide foot, and my toes are hugging each other, but I only have three days on them so far. The inner liner is so easy to over tighten. In fact, I find the entire boot is easy to over tighten, which I'm not used to because I had such problems getting lace boots tight years ago. So I crank these babies down and then my foot is numb. I also crank my bindings down too much since switching from Burtons to Unions. I'll find the right fit...

But I adore these boots. They feel like a big sneaker. My feet are cozy in them, they aren't too stiff, but they support my ankles well. They are super light--I jogged back to the room from the lifts the other day to grab my gaiter. And they are super cute. They didn't fit well in my Burton Escapades. I actually had to slam my foot into them, and then getting out of them at the bottom was a fucking joke. I had to find something to brace myself against to pry my foot out. This doesn't happen with Union Forces.

I also run with Five Fingers. Just started last summer (was running in Asics--never again!) and couldn't rave about them more. My boyfriend likes to throw his two cents in all the time about how he can't imagine how they are better, blah, blah. But I had a back injury a few years ago (not from snowboarding--I think from carrying a loaded backpack and camera bag around the city every day) that I never had properly examined, and running used to make my lower back hurt. The Five Fingers eliminate that pain while running, and after. And no shin splints. Just jacked calves. It definitely got my calves in shape for snowboarding, and put a lot of the work on my quads, which made squats later in the fall less unbearable.

I hated on Nike before I slipped my foot into these boots. Now I shut my face hole. Those child laborers makes the nicest little stitches.
I have the exact same problem with you on the ZF. It is super comfy and everything, but it is so snuggy that my pinky toe starts to go after few hours of riding. Maybe I am over tighten it as well, but if I loosen the lower section of the boot I will get heel lift.

Would heat molding or up sizing it by 1/2 a size solve the problem?
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