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Originally Posted by StokedCharles View Post
Hello everyone!

A friend of mine sold me his old burton board and bindings. I've been riding and tinkering with the angles but realized yesterday that my boots aren't correctly centered. I get about a inch and a half of heel overhang but my toes are a good inch away from the sidecut.
Yeah, that's pretty bad. I assume these aren't EST bindings? If they're good old-fashioned 4-bolt bindings, the plate should have adjustment holes so that you can bolt the plate down offset in one direction or another. You need to mount the bindings in such a way that the heel and toe overhang are about equal. If your plates just have 4 holes period (did they ever make them like that?), maybe you can get hold of some newer ones.

Have to be honest though. That much offset sounds to me like either your binding size is way mismatched to your boot size or your binding is already mounted with a huge offset to heelside.

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