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Default best ways to control downhill speed?

What are the best ways to control your downhill speed on a snowboard?

I've only been snowboarding once but the right way to do this didn't seem to feel instinctual.

I observed several of the skiiers and it looks like they way skiiers control their speed is by pointing their toes inward. This seems to make perfect sense and I could tell that this technique was effective for the skiiers.

But how can snowboarders control their speed going downhill?

One guy I met in Aspen told me that the way to control speed was to zig zag back and forth down the hill and this would control the downhill speed. I saw several skiiers doing this and I guess that they doing this to control their speed or maybe to also make their descent more interesting - not really sure.

So - is zig-zagging down the mountain the technique that you use to control your speed? Do you use any other techniques?
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