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Originally Posted by Biggs View Post
Somehow I knew I'd find this exact type of discussion on here this morning.

It reminds me of a Chris Rock piece where he's talking about how everything (with kids) is 'because of' something else, when in reality simply someone being 'crazy' is more than sufficient.

But I should have known that this has to be a tea-party/beatnik's fault.
Yeah, everyone except the rabid right seems to think this is at least partly caused the inflammatory rhetoric that's been coming out of the US for the last couple of years. The Tea Party (see previous posts) thinks it's because of the looney left (no reason given -- just the bald accusation). But of course, you're much too smart to think that there might be a cause and effect situation here, and you prove it by deadly and rapier-sharp application of sarcasm. Thanks for enlightening us.

Irony aside, and not knowing anything about you, your post sounds exactly like what a right-wing apologist would post. Not saying that's what you are, just what you sound like. Feel free to expand on your original post by giving logical and/or evidentiary (or even anecdotal) evidence why this should not be considered a causal situation. this is after all a discussion group. What did you expect to find? Porn?

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