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Originally Posted by Empty V View Post
*Stance width
*Stance front/back position
*Stance angles, I was thinking +15/-9
*Forward lean
*Highback Rotation
*Heel Strap Location
*Toe Strap Position
I'm about your height (6'4") and here is how I set up my Targas.

Stance Width/Angles (personal preference) = I'm comfortable at 23.5ish c-c and 12/-12 duck. (I'm tall but have short legs)

Position - I use mirrored inserts, meaning I start with each binding at the furthest insert out from the center and move them both in until my stance is close to 23.5. Once that is done I mount one of the bindings centered on the width of the board. I use two of the 4 screws, no washers and only tighten enough so the binding doesn't shift. I then put the footbed on, grab my boot and see if my boot is centered in the binding. Mine weren't so I adjusted the heel cup to the forward most position. This is done by removing the 2 screws on the outside heel of the binding and the two screws under the toe. The heel ones are horizontal, the toe ones are vertical. It is easier to remove the binding from the board to do this so remember what hole you were in. This step can be skipped if you boot is already reasonably centered. I check by flipping toe board over with the boot strapped in and checking to see if the heel/toe overhang is even. Once the boot is centered in the binding, I remove the footbed, put in the remaining 2 screws with washers, then remove the other to and add the washers. Now boots are centered in the binding which is centered on the board. Once one binding is setup, adjust the other binding exactly how you did the first and mount.

Forward Lean - I left mine at the most upright position. This one again is personal preference.

Highback Rotation - I think I tweaked mine a bit to make them more parallel to the edge of the board.

Heel Strap Location - I left it in the same holes as stock, with the stock stiffeners in.

Toe strap location - Left stock.

Cant - I used the largest cant footbed.

Once everything is setup, I put on my boots and strap in. I adjust the length of the toe and ankle strap if needed to try and center the strap on my boot.

I realize not everyone is as anal about setting up bindings as I am but I like them to be centered. Others just mount and ride with little adjustment. It is all preference.
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