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Default Dilemma...Snowboarding Iron Vs. Clothing Iron

Until now, I've always been lazy and brought my board into the shop to get waxed. Recently they have done a lousy job, and I figure if I learn how to do it myself I can save myself a bit of money. I also figure that if I spend more then the 10-15minutes they put into it, I can get a better coat.

Anyways, I was going to buy a snowboarding Iron/Wax Kit until I saw that they cost $110 or so (atleast at this particular store). I figure I just, instead, go buy a clothing Iron for $12, and wax. When I ran this by the waxing guy he told me I was committing some sort of snowboarding sin. That I would ruin the board, and that the only way to wax a board was with a snowboarding iron. I've asked the only person I know who waxes their own board, and they say its ok, as long as you manage the heat.

Does anyone else use a regular Clothing Iron to wax their board?
Because if this is in fact possible, I would like to give Waxing a try. The cost of a regular Iron Vs. a real Snowboarding Iron gives the regular iron an advantage over the snowboarding iron.

For those who do use a regular Iron (if they exist), What heat setting do you use? [Weather it be a fabric setting ({Coldest}Nylon,Silk,Wool,Cotton,Linen,etc{Hottest }) or A numerical setting ({Coldest}1,2,3,4,5,etc{Hottest})].

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