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Originally Posted by Biggs View Post
The US really is a 'workaholic' culture -- it's amazing to see other developed countries and how their working culture operates. In America, most people average 2 weeks of vacation a year -- sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Regardless of the time, in most positions, it's a hassle for everyone but you, to take that time. Most cant take both weeks consecutively, and many are 'on call' so to speak during said vacation.

Other places, like France, have WAY more vacation time earned per year that is EXPECTED to be taken. In my research into MBA programs, it's fascinating to talk with other potential candidates from places such as France where they have this absolute fear of working in the states due to the lack of 'you' time you're 'allowed' to have. Coming from their working culture, I'd be horrified too.
Euros have notoriously poor work ethics in my field, while as you'd expect, Asians are the hardest workers and Americans settle somewhere in the middle. So, as a result, we get flak for being greedy and working too hard from the Euros and for not caring about our futures and being too lazy from the Asians... hence the thread. Go figure.

We gotta be the biggest bunch of conniving, shortcut seeking, sick day taking, honest, hard-working, lazy SOB's on the planet.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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