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Originally Posted by nzboardlife View Post
You don't have to go blow it out of proportion to get your point across but i don't think you get one of the lesser points of wikileaks, the idea is that you no longer have spies.
I tried explaining it several times across several threads, but there's no middle ground with some people on this forum - if you're not in 100% agreement, then everyone automatically thinks you're in 100% disagreement.

Don't tell me I'm blowing it out of proportion when everyone in the topic is throwing shit at the fan. If everyone else is dealing in black and white extremes here and not allowing room for shades of grey, I might as well join in. If I think Assange should be more careful in redactions and such thought gets likened to an all-out support of covert wars, hegemony, the republican agenda, rendition, and POW torture.... Well, what's good for the goose.

What gives your country the right to spy on another? The hole you be digging keeps on a getting bigger.
What gives North Korea the right to starve their citizens for a few extra guns, sink South Korean ships, shell South Korean civilians, torture and execute the families of defectors completely unchallenged? What gives you the right to tell the defectors and deep cover Korean spies that they themselves have no right to put an end to the horror?

What gives Al-Qaeda the right to beat women who go out alone in public and actively pursue WMDs with the expressed intent of using them completely unchallenged?

What makes you so sure that no government has any right to protect their own country by more than just whining to the toothless UN and that the ideal thing to do is just sit there and wait for the bad shit to happen?

What gives you the right to tell the U.S. that they can't gather intel on Al-Qaeda's attempt to get a nuclear weapon?

And before I get told I'm calling for Assange's execution and the continuation of an indiscriminant covert war: There are good AND bads things going on covertly in this world. White-washing the whole wikileaks affair and calling it a godsend is just as dismissive of the people tortured by Mugabe as black-washing the whole wikileaks affair as evil and dismissing the people tortured in Abu Graib.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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