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Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
If I think Assange should be more careful in redactions and such thought gets likened to an all-out support of covert wars, hegemony, the republican agenda, rendition, and POW torture.... Well, what's good for the goose.
Step away from Assange hes just a dick head public figure, Its an entire team at wikileaks. They often do show care by leaving names out of particular documents. The idea of wikileaks does not lend its self to putting out just some of the documents, for it to make sense they must release it all or they are just as bad as the people they are portraying.

Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
What gives North Korea the right to starve their citizens for a few extra guns, sink South Korean ships, shell South Korean civilians, torture and execute the families of defectors completely unchallenged??
Repeat that replacing North Korea with America and South Korea with multiple other choices. I don't give a toot what North Korea do they have the right to do what they want with themselves. I have North Koreans to care about it for me and themselves, the question is why does America care for them when their own people are getting farked in the arse on the daily.

Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
What gives Al-Qaeda the right to beat women who go out alone in public and actively pursue WMDs with the expressed intent of using them completely unchallenged?
Why can't they beat their woman, its not illegal in their country and your taking extreme cases here. I'd be willing to wager that there isn't that much more violence against woman in the middle east then there is per capita in America or New Zealand. I've visited a few areas now in the middle east and id say you just get the blown out of proportion view from western media. They actively pursue WMDs because they are being attacked by an outlet that has their own WMDs. Remember they did not initiate this fight, America trying to control the middle east made this so called Al-Qaeda 'monster' blossom and grow.

Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
What makes you so sure that no givernment has any right to protect their own country by more than just whining to the toothless UN and that the ideal thing to do is just sit there and wait for the bad shit to happen?
If America wasn't so aggressive i'd believe they were protecting their own country, but this so called "protect america" saga has spawned from their own assaults. I agree the UN are total crap.

Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
What gives you the right to tell the U.S. that they can't gather intel on Al-Qaeda's attempt to get a nuclear weapon?
If the U.S. gets rid of their own, i don't have the right to.
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