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Originally Posted by Biggs View Post
This is a good point and it's the reason I've had a problem with the rampant obesity talk in our country -- I'm not denying that our country is fatter than most, I just simply have a problem with how that is determined.

In most doctor's offices, gyms, physical therapy rooms, etc. you'll find this chart:

Looking at that chart, I'm listed as overweight. Because I do weight training (muscle weighs more than fat) and run (which burns fat when you're adding muscle), I'm listed in the overweight category, halfway to obese. Doctors are not doing an in depth BMI check on all these fat Americans -- so while I dont doubt for a moment (just check out your local WalMart) that the majority of our society is fat, it needs to stop being simplified because any athletic person with a bit of muscle mass is also lumped into that 'fat' category when determining these statistics.
Yea, but very few people are on that level where their weight is mostly muscle mass. If you compare the number of overweight and obese people from 1970, and 2010, it's a huge difference. Our culture supports it, everything is about convenience, and doing shit fast because you have no time to do any normal things like cook or exercise.

Shit, I noticed a huge difference in the last 10 years. I use to be like 1 of 5 fat kids in my whole elementary school, and now I'm skinny and the tables have turned, making me a minority again amongst a bunch of chubby young adults. Wtf

It's not healthy and it's a waste of a life to be seriously overweight. We shouldn't just act like it's no big deal, because it is. You go to the midwest and nearly everyone is at least overweight, (got a sizable gut).

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