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Default Very New To Snowboarding !!

Alright i deleted my initial post because i thought it was lame.
Basically all i need to know is everything pre being on the mountain, the instructor will do the rest once im there.
Like , when do u put on ur snowboarding boots ? Do you put them on before you head out of the hotel ? Do you put them on once u get to the mountain ? Do u eat a small meal before hand ? are there places to potty all over the mountain ? I basically need to know step by step how you prepare yourself for a day of snowboarding before u even leave the hotel.. That would be very helpful to me , thanks abunch <3 ...
is 4 wheel drive critical ? Would a family car suffice for the trip and the snowy conditions ? All the stuff behind the actual snowboarding. I have no clue on what to do, please halps me !

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