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Default Lower back all jacked up...

maybe its because I got into the sport late.. or maybe its because I ride in the north east and deal with a shit ton of ice.. but yesterday I was having a pretty decent day till I caught an edge smashed my lower back and back of my head..

I have never been one for a helmet even when I used to skate a lot of park.. but I gotta tell you it scared the shit out of me.. and now I am really considering a helmet and wouldn't mind some recommendations..

but where I really need some help.. I would like some kind of lower back guard.. I hit the area between my back and ass so hard that it basically made the rest of the day a complete waste.. my back locked up so hard that I could not really freely rotate and ride.. it sucked.. so I have decided I will deal with the annoyance of having come kind of back guard over blowing a whole day of riding because I am too cool for pads..

recommendations? thoughts?

any help as always is appreciated..
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