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Default heelside frustrations

Hey everyone i need some advice,

heres my set-up: burton operator board 161, burton custom bindings (large) and burton poacher boots(11). im 6'1 165lbs.
I ride goofy (right foot first) with a 12deg on front binding, and -9 on rear (almost duck foot).
My problem is this: when i ride toeside, I go nice and straight down the hill wherever I aim, as fast as i like. I can transition back to heelside no problem, but when im riding heelside I have great difficulty pointing the board straight.
My back foot always drifts forward when riding heelside and i end up traversing or sideslipping down the slope, both feet pointing downhill, or sometimes end up riding switch down the hill, without meaning to. I cant seem to keep the nose straight no matter how much weight i shift forward or backward, and i cant control the speed, usually way to slow. ....again, no problems toeside. nice and straight......I have problems transitioning from heelside to toeside, its sloppy.
Any tips on how to fix this? do I need to change my binding angles, heelbacks, etc, or is it something im doing wrong, aka not bending my knees enough or leaning the wrong way?
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