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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
whoa there.... I never said America is tyrrany so don't put words in my mouth. I am talking about TRENDS that are concerning. Try to think outside of the black and white box for a second. What you do not seem to understand is lessons from history. Most people in 1930's Germany did not see tyranny until it was too late to do anything about it. I see you as the typical American who has forgotten that freedom and democracy is not something you can take for granted; to maintain it we must always be vigilant and take action when it becomes threatened. Tyranny almost never comes crashing through the gates of democracy, it is usually a cancer that erodes it from within.

You express the belief that you have nothing to be concerned about because it won't happen to you. I think 6 million Jews might have once shared this false belief. If we ignore little abuses to our democracy now, there won't be anyone left when they finally get around to you. A violation against one of us is a violation against all of us.

You also said it is a really small percentage. Not really so. I suggest you do some research about our penal system. Due to mandatory sentencing laws for drug crime, we are letting murderers, rapists and pedophiles out onto the streets to make room fir these new inmates. This case is simply one of the more outrageous ones that got media attention. Stories like this are prevelent throughout the land on smaller scales. Police shootings and civil rights abuses are at an historic level and the trend is getting worse. I lived in Arizona and that state's largest economic engine is private prisons; surpassing mining and agriculture combined. Laws and policies are enacted to increase incarceration rates due to heavy lobbying. In Citizens United Case, the US Supreme Court has now opened the flood gates of lobbyist money to further buy our government from We The People. Sorry bro but you are living in a bubble.

Understand the difference between saying we ARE in tyranny from warning against BECOMING one!
Comparing a girl who went to juvie for making a fake myspace account to the Holocaust? YA OK BRAH

You didn't answer the one simple question I asked by the way. I'll continue to live in my bubble, while you continue to lose sleep over every single social and legal injustice that takes place in america until everything is running just the way you like it.

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