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Default NOOOB to park help please

Soooo im really new to park. Semi-new to snowboarding, started last year and the beggining of the season, so yes i know how to ride decently, can control the board well and am comfortable on it. Im not trying anything crazy just the small begginer stuff. I have a Ride Kink 2011 159W (im 6'3" with size 14 feet, yeah i know its big for park, no need to point it out) with Ride EX bindings. A few questions:
1) How should my bindings be set up for park?
2) Whenever I get into the air, i feel like time stops and i panic....yes its begginer stuff, not that high i know haha...but when my board loses contact with the ground i have a mini panic attack inside, what can i do about that?
3) Any tips for takeoff? landing? anything will help

and lastly...
4) I try little wide short boxes and towards the end I always find my board slipping out from under me. I feel like im balanced, but apparently not.

OH! and how do i know what speed to approach jumps at? I chicken out a lot thinking im going too fast. Any tips will help, thanks.

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