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Originally Posted by shaunnorum05 View Post
Soooo im really new to park. Semi-new to snowboarding, started last year and the beggining of the season, so yes i know how to ride decently, can control the board well and am comfortable on it. Im not trying anything crazy just the small begginer stuff. I have a Ride Kink 2011 159W (im 6'3" with size 14 feet, yeah i know its big for park, no need to point it out) with Ride EX bindings. A few questions:
1) How should my bindings be set up for park?
2) Whenever I get into the air, i feel like time stops and i panic....yes its begginer stuff, not that high i know haha...but when my board loses contact with the ground i have a mini panic attack inside, what can i do about that?
3) Any tips for takeoff? landing? anything will help

and lastly...
4) I try little wide short boxes and towards the end I always find my board slipping out from under me. I feel like im balanced, but apparently not.

OH! and how do i know what speed to approach jumps at? I chicken out a lot thinking im going too fast. Any tips will help, thanks.

Not to discourage you but there is more to boarding then the park. I love it as much as anybody, but quite frankly I get irritated when people new to the sport hit the park before discovering all of the other elements. I ride a basic hill, but just finding a small roller or spraying some buddies is what's important. You can be a beast in the park, but if you can't hold your own on the real mountain you lose some respect.

As for the set up, I keep a 12/-12 duck always. But it is all preference, whatever feels comfortable. For learning jumps, get comfortable with airs off of small rollers or tiny man made jumps on the side of trails. Once you can stomp a 180 or just are comfortable with being in air then go bigger. Don't go at a ballistic speed and land flat, but don't pussy out and land on the knuckle and wreck yourself. You kind of need to just guess for your speed check, once you have that down start trying to do an indy or an easy grab. It stabilizes you in the air and helps you stick the landing. I would also recommend just jumping up or going a little faster and just ride it out, when you start doing ollies you lose balance at first. On boxes I assume you're doing 50-50's since you are new (nothing wrong with that). Keep your weight staked over your board, bend your knees, just focus on getting passed it, then give a tiny ollie or just a little jump to land smoothly. If you do happen to be trying a flat rail turn your shoulders and your hips a little bit to slide into a board slide, it is much easier to balance when doing that. Good luck at the park
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