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Default newbie question

I just started snowboarding before christmas and im having a great time.

I read everything i can about the sport and i'm pushing myself each time I ride. I have a season pass at a small local resort and i ride 2/3 times a week.

One thing i still struggle with is going down steep grades : I often catch the rear edge of the board toe side when start a left turn to scrub speed. The board seems to flex and even if i lift my toes before starting the turn, the edge will still catch. This ruins the rythtm and i have to make a large turn to scrub of the speed i gained with the board pointing straight down for too long.

The only work around i found is to lift my rear foot a lot, almost like a small jump, before starting the turn. so the back end doesnt get caught. I was wondering if this is ok ?

Also, since i can now ride green and blue trails , i started riding switch on those same trails so i feel comfortable on both sides. Is this a good idea ? I figure than in a week or 2 i should be pretty good at it, and im already thinking what i should work on next ? my goal is to be able to jump, ride glades, and go fast on groomed trails.
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