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Originally Posted by jumpinthefire View Post
I often catch the rear edge of the board toe side when start a left turn to scrub speed. The board seems to flex and even if i lift my toes before starting the turn, the edge will still catch. This ruins the rythtm and i have to make a large turn to scrub of the speed i gained with the board pointing straight down for too long.
Not sure if you are goofy or regular so I don't know what edge you engage when you make a turn to the "left".

Are you saying your rear edge, toe side catches when initiating a toe side turn?

If so, focus on twisting the nose of your board into the toe side turn by flexing your front ankle and driving you knee towards the inside of the new turn. It sounds like you may be riding a little back foot heavy which is fine when you are finishing a turn but is a problem when you are trying to start a new one.

You need to center out your stance and get off the back foot a bit (not to the point of the tail comming off the snow). For now you can think about your body changing it's relationship to the board by moving forward or back to change where your pressure is centered. Over time you will have the ability to move your board in relationship to your body to cause a pressure shift.

Originally Posted by jumpinthefire View Post
The only work around i found is to lift my rear foot a lot, almost like a small jump, before starting the turn. so the back end doesnt get caught. I was wondering if this is ok ?
Sure it's ok. It's snowboarding, there is no right or wrong, just ways that are more efficient than others. Having said that....If you can keep all of the board in contact with the snow it will allow you to tackle difficult conditions with less trouble and be a good foundation for more advanced riding.

Originally Posted by jumpinthefire View Post
Also, since i can now ride green and blue trails , i started riding switch on those same trails so i feel comfortable on both sides. Is this a good idea ? I figure than in a week or 2 i should be pretty good at it, and im already thinking what i should work on next ? my goal is to be able to jump, ride glades, and go fast on groomed trails.
It sounds like you are well on your way, your goals sound like a great progression.
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