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Originally Posted by soundwave27 View Post

Only thing I need to say is 4WD and 4x4s are great for getting through shit... but they don't stop any better... in fact, often worse because they are heavier vehicles. Just cause you have 4x4 doesn't mean go screaming down a snow covered hwy. Drive for the weather. Rant done.
So true. Snow/ice traction tires are what gives you control. The problem is that many (most?) truck and SUV drivers don't swap over from their all-season, all-terrain truck tires when winter comes, probably because suv tires look aggressive (fine for deep snow but doesn't help on ice like a studless snow that has special temperature-sensitive compounds and siping would), and tires of that large of a size cost a small fortune.

Computer-controlled traction control and stability control also help immensely to keep the car pointed in the right direction.
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