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Default Fs Noseslide Fraustration

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips on fs noseslides. I've been trying to get them nailed down these past few trips. The problem i seem to have is instead of getting the noseslide, it seems more like im doing a boardslide where the rail is directly in between my bindings.

I've tried a few variations to get on the lead foot put can't seem to get it locked down. Is it easier to go faster on to the rail? Should I jump and rotate on to the rail or should i ride on and then rotate? Should i be in line with the rail or should i be coming in from the side a bit?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I also have a tendency to get the board in a shifty position where the board is not fully perpinduclar to the rail, forming an "L" type shape.

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