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It is one hell of a game, I agree. But after being sucked in like 6 hours every single day it gets crazy. So over time I deactivated my subscription, played on a private server, then quit. But my old laptop (broken now) wouldn't install wow, so I could resist. But sometime this week or next I will be buying myself a 500g storage 3g ram laptop. I'm sure the download would go threw and I am too tempted to play. I am 16 now, so still a high school student. After finishing the endless chem and algebra homework, I still have a long day to do nothing. To occupy my time I just text and scroll threw this site. Once websites get dull to me i'm stuck bored out of my mind for the rest of the night (generally 3+ hours). I have up to Wotlk, not going to buy any subscribes or cataclysm so i'm hoping that will ease up on the addiction. Plus I will be on a private server so I usually only stay on 2 hours a day (more on weekends if friends are busy/can't board). So we'll see how it works out, I am sorry to hear about you and your mom.
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