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Originally Posted by Milo303 View Post
I was in a server first guild for over a year, played for a couple years.

The urges will eventually go away.... It took me probably 2 years to finally get past the urges. I don't crave it anymore and I should actually sell my account but it's probably not worth much nowadays. Think she's a level 72 Shadow Priest, alliance side. Maybe 71? Can't remember

Last time I played priests go for a lot. Just because they're so damn annoying to level. The lazy amount of rich kids on that game would pay for that so i'd go for it. I was in a server 2nd or 3rd guild I can't remember, pretty good shaman healer/dps. I will probably keep it in case one of my friends starts to play again and want to take my acc. I'm on a shitty server too so the most it'd go for is $50 .

Karasene- I have some old skate ramps and a skate rail my parents bought for my oldest brother. If the brand "Xtreme" rings a bell I have some ramps from there. But the rail is about 10 ft long probably shorter. It is fun to hit but you can't jib on it at all. So i've been looking to start building a long but shallow on ramp, to like a 20-30 foot pvc rail. Un realistic for the 20-30 feet but I need more distance . Someone who lives up my street (well 1 1/2 miles away) has a pretty sweet set up. Down rail to a jump or pole jam. I used it to occupy my time til he found out and kicked me off. So hopefully my dad will help me buy some plywood and pine so I can waste a few weeks . Only thing is summer- I can't have friends over every day so I get about 5 hours indoors to do nothing >.>. I kind of just want to download it again-then challenge myself to not play it. If i can resist it conveniently placed right in front of my face I shouldn't relapse.

Great game, but it gets overwhelming easily.
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