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Default sadness and disappoinment.. Oakley Crowbars.

First year to try Oakleys. Previously, I've only ridden with a pair of Spy goggles. The Crowbars are a good fit to my helmet and the pink lenses were perfect for my light conditions here.. On the second or third time, I was hiking up Whitewater and worked up a good sweat. They fogged up abit on the inside but I knew better than to wipe them. They turn to ice, obscuring my vision. I'm standing at the top of a pretty narrow chute, and it is new territory for me. I figure, do I really want to risk coming down this powder haven with no goggles or worse yet, poor vision? One second, one decision, one regret. I dabbed the inside with my microfiber cloth. It became a slight rub. Abit more. Seems ok, so i do it more. blow on it with my breath and rub on it. By the time i get to the bottom, I have a scratched Crowbar. I'm not sure if it's because my spy goggles just didn't have an anti-fog coating, but frick is that anti-fog coating fragile.

This thread is for anyone who has lost what seemed to be a good pair of goggles before it's time had truly come and has become an old man filled with regret, waiting to die alone.
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