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Originally Posted by Hai View Post
Alright i deleted my initial post because i thought it was lame.
Basically all i need to know is everything pre being on the mountain, the instructor will do the rest once im there.
Like , when do u put on ur snowboarding boots ? Do you put them on before you head out of the hotel ? Do you put them on once u get to the mountain ? Do u eat a small meal before hand ? are there places to potty all over the mountain ? I basically need to know step by step how you prepare yourself for a day of snowboarding before u even leave the hotel.. That would be very helpful to me , thanks abunch <3 ...
is 4 wheel drive critical ? Would a family car suffice for the trip and the snowy conditions ? All the stuff behind the actual snowboarding. I have no clue on what to do, please halps me !
Unless you are driving putting on snowboarding boots at the hotel is quite fine. If you do have to drive I recommend regular shoes. You will get much better response then boots. However one can still drive with snowboard boots on. Its just not recommended to do so.

I would eat a BIG breakfast. The worse thing that could happen is to run out of fuel while boarding. Start your day off right.

As far as "answering the call of nature". There are typically bathrooms at the base of the mountian's, on mountain eateries, and many times close to the top of lifts. If you can't wait to reach one a bush in a concealed space can always do.

For 4 wheel drive that is going to depend on where you are going. Many of the resorts along I-70 in Colorado you probably wouldn't need 4wd except on the really bad days, Just good tires, and defensive driving skills.

My typical day goes.
Drink a pint of water.
put on first layer clothing(socks, longjohns and shirt)
Start cooking breakfast
Put on pants and boots.
Eat breakfast.
Check bag/car for snowgear. Goggles, gloves, face mask/neck gater, helmet, jacket, pass, tool, wallet, keys, Board, boots(if driving more then 5 mins), extra layer in case cold,lunch.
double check gear.
kick wife into gear if running slow and any passengers.
maybe do some stretching.
warm up the car.
double check car.
Load and drive.

If you need more information for what happens at the resort. post again here with questions.
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