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Wow tons of good feedback and even some sympathy
adding the moisture of my breath was definitely foolish, I was trying to remove the ice that had formed. Unfortunately I rubbed the sh*t out of it and the whole thing is scraped and scratched to hell.. I was dabbing it first, and it seemed to be working so I started to be more aggressive. It was a path of fail, and the scratches only became visible when they dried off in the lodge.

Based on this feedback, I just went and bought replacement pink iridium lenses and keep my old one as a spare.

I'm surprised that you guys get the inner fog too. At first I thought it was my (comparatively) smaller nose bridge that didn't allow a proper seal, but I guess everyone gotta deal with it sometime.

Man if only somebody had some sort of product that repaired the anti-fog coating on the inside.. i'd definitely be in on that.
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