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I've never experienced fogging with either of my Oakleys. However, I got the Asian Fit because almost all other goggles leave a gap between the bridge of my nose and the goggle. This gap will cause fogging. Even if you aren't Asian, the AF might work better for you than the normal ones.

Also, never, ever rub the inside of your goggles. You had it right the first time. Dab at whatever droplets form or get inside. If you have to dab on the mountain, you'll just have to deal with whatever the results from the dabbing are.

Another fogging issue could be arising from your helmet. Most helmets do not have goggle vents. This means that the heat from your forehead cannot escape out of the top of your goggle causing condensation inside the goggle. Helmets with goggle vents could cost extra, but it's been worth the extra investment for myself.

As Tarzanman pointed out, the absolute best solution is to carry a spare lens or spare goggle even. I carry my other goggle with me.
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