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Beginner wanting to make first purchase

Alright so I just went snowboarding a couple times - basically my first times (I don't count the times when I was 13, 7 years ago) and I'm pretty sure I'm hooked on it. I really can't wait to go again. I fell a fair bit at first but I'm a pretty fast learner and by the end of the day I'd say I was doing pretty decent. I plan to go a lot in the future and since renting a board/boots each time costs $45~ I figure after 10 times, buying my own gear will have been worth it.

I've been doing a lot of reading about the sport and the equipment and I was going to try my best to not ask for too much help unless I really narrowed it down but I really have no idea what to buy.

Basic info I know someone will need to help me:
-height - 5'8/9ish
-Weight - 130 - this is kind of tricky for me as I'm currently skinny as hell because I've hardly done anything physical in a couple years. I don't quite like how skinny I am and I'm actually a fairly athletic person and I don't think it'll be too much of a problem for me to gain 10-15 pounds. How much this will affect my board size - I have no idea
-Boot size - 10.5/11 - I REALLY hope I won't need a wide board.. will I? D:
-Riding style - I haven't touched any park stuff other than a couple tiny jumps just to try it out but I definitely think it's something I'd get a little more into. Generally, the "all mountain" type thing interests me.
-Age - 20
-budget - I don't have the biggest budget, under $500 for board/boots/bindings would be ideal and I would LOVE to get something for less but I have doubts that it'll be possible and I really don't want to regret cheaping out on something I'll be using for some years. If an extra $100 would be worth it for me then it's not a big deal

Also - I live in BC, Canada so something I could order without too many fees would be lovely. I wish I had a couple board shops where I live to get a general idea of what I'm looking for but unfortunately I live in a tiny town with NOTHING.

The board is obviously the part I want most help with. I've been looking into used/new/old stuff and the only time I go "hey, that's not super expensive" is when I see something like a 5150 board, LTD transition board or something similar and I really have no idea if they'd be worth buying. I'm guessing the answer is no.
One last thing, I'm not saying I HAVE to make a purchase soon. I just want some general guidance. Is there a time when old stock would be going on clearance that I should consider waiting it out for or should I start right now?

Thank you SO much for any help. I'm sorry for my giant post but I figure too much information is better than too little.
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