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Originally Posted by shaunnorum05 View Post
Soooo im really new to park. Semi-new to snowboarding, started last year and the beggining of the season, so yes i know how to ride decently, can control the board well and am comfortable on it. Im not trying anything crazy just the small begginer stuff. I have a Ride Kink 2011 159W (im 6'3" with size 14 feet, yeah i know its big for park, no need to point it out) with Ride EX bindings. A few questions:
1) How should my bindings be set up for park?
2) Whenever I get into the air, i feel like time stops and i panic....yes its begginer stuff, not that high i know haha...but when my board loses contact with the ground i have a mini panic attack inside, what can i do about that?
3) Any tips for takeoff? landing? anything will help

and lastly...
4) I try little wide short boxes and towards the end I always find my board slipping out from under me. I feel like im balanced, but apparently not.

OH! and how do i know what speed to approach jumps at? I chicken out a lot thinking im going too fast. Any tips will help, thanks.
i) Bindings for park are whatever ur comfy with. In general you should try to get a duck-ish stance because with progress comes rotations and you want to be able to ride decently switch. So entirely positive stances for free-riding are not so helpful here. Sometimes a wider stance could help. If you are jibbing, you may wish to tone down the highback forward lean to make it more forgiving.

ii)There only one thing you can do about the panic attack, is to stop panicking. Haha. Sounds silly right? But it comes with time and practise. Ollies, rollers, small jumps on a regular basis helps you get accustomed to the feeling. When you were at the never-ever stage of learning to ride, toe side turns probably caused panic attacks. A few hundred turns later, ur good.

iii) Take-off and landing are too complicated to address in summary. But for a newbie panicker, try to watch where other people hit the jump and see what kind of speed-checking they do, then try hitting the jump and bailing at the last minute i.e. dont hit the jump, turn off. This will familiarise yourself with the take-off. Ride-around the jump and down the landing when the jump is empty if it makes you feel better knowing what it feels like riding over it. Stay loose during the jump cos panickers freeze their upper body and lack knee mobility when they land for some reason. Take some lessons. Having an instructor to guide you and be there to encourage you helps lots.

iv) I assume ur only 50-50 ing the box? If so then it may seem somehow u are favouring one edge or the other if you are sliding out. This can stem from getting onto the feature crooked then correcting yourself. The FIRST THING about jibbing to me is that if your approach is screwed up, everything else follows suit cos u cant correct yourself once you get onto a feature. Try to ride on with a steady speed, fast enough to power yourself onto the feature and off. Lots of newbies go on REAL SLOW which actually makes it harder to balance and you spend a longer time holding the position on the box so the likelihood of you falling is ironiucally higher. When you get onto the feature, make sure you are looking at or past the end of the feature. Knees must be bent (dont lock them when u get on, which most newbies do cos when they freeze their ankles to keep their base flat, sometimes they lock up more than they need). A lower centre of gravity will help you maintain balance.
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