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Originally Posted by beth View Post
thanks =]

Way to bring a topic back from the dead.

But, to answer your questions:

Snowboarding questionnaires
1 do you take a camera to record your winter sport experience? maybe

2 whets the maximum price range you would pay for a camera for your winter sport?
£50 £51-£100 £101-£150 £151-£200 £201-£250 £251-£350 £351+

what's an £ ?

3 if you could have TWO special functions for your camera what would they be?

Other____________, definitely other

4would you prefer the camera to strapped to …

my third leg

5If you were to buy a camera to film your winter sport experience would you prefer to record?

a flock of sheep

6 how long do you do your sport for

long time

7On photo mode would you prefer the camera to be either

a slice of pizza

8. a) Do you think it s necessary to have a screen on your camera

do you think it's neccessary to have eyes on your face?

b) If yes which would you prefer….

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