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Originally Posted by huskerdye View Post
So I went out for my fourth day today snowboarding.. I have both the turns down, but am having monster problems linking from my heel side edge turn to a toe side edge turn.. Every time I try linking them I almost always catch when my board is flat. Is it just something you get a feel for or what, I'm sure it's my timing, but I can't figure it out.. Any pointers? I ride regular and I can do both turns fine, I just can't link them.. What I've been doing is I'll go down down the slope all heel edge.. And when I start getting too far left I just go fake and stay heel edge, taking the board right. I'm tired of doing this!! I want to link those turns, but not eat it everytime.. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I had seriously a stupid instructor my first day, he told me to ride down the mountain completely flat footed and straight. I knew this was wrong and after two huge faceplants I told him I was done with he lesson and I'd get it on my own.
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with an instructor. I would go back and get another lesson and let them know about your experience and that you want a "certified" instructor.

To assist with your heel to toeside issue. It is likely that you are trying to changes edges when your board is still across the fall line versus being in it. Let your board go almost flat. Then slowly spin your hip/front knee in the direction of your next turn, Once the nose of the board is pointed at least a 45 degree angle down the slope or straight down. Shift your weight onto your toes. Once your weight is shifted you can bend your knees down over your toes or lift your heels more to finish out your toeside turn. Make sure to look where you are turning too in the snow. If you look straight down the hill "you're going to have a bad time".
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