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Cool Help me choose from these 5 bindings?

okay i think this is all you need to know from me:
SEX: female
HEIGHT: 172cm or 5'9
WEIGHT: 170 lbs
SHOE: size 9
BOOT: burton coco
BOARD: Nitro Mystique 156cm (apparently a flexible novice-to-intermediate camber? not too sure on that)
STYLE: freeride (but if they had "ass-falling" as a style, i'd be that lol)
LEVEL: novice
BUDGET: flexible

THE BINDINGS: (i've narrowed these down from what is being sold in town as i want to demo them first or at least see if my boot

GNU b-real (flex '5') $189
RIDE vxn (flex '4') $190
SALOMON relay ring (flex '3') $229
BURTON stilleto (flex...doesn't say) $199
ROSSIGNOL justice (flex '7') $159
ROSSIGNOL TransAm (flex '6', advertised as a performance beginner binding) $99

I don't think those flex ratings are universal though?... ride and salomon look like they're out of 5? What flex should I be looking for? since I have a flexible board will too much flex in my bindings make the whole thing too....flexi? lol. I don't ever see myself doing park stuff and I am a novice but I want to get some good quality bindings that i wont outgrow.

I know the most important thing is the fit, but if several of them fit well, which one(s) are the best choices?
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