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Originally Posted by mschmidt33 View Post

Finally said yes to my buddies asking me to go boarding with them… spent about 4 hours at it and by the end of the day was doing very well. Was able to carve down the hill without falling… picked it up quick they said… Other than being a bit sore I’m hooked. I needed another winter hobby too! Help me purchase a board, boots, and bindings please…

Height and Weight – 185lbs, 5’ 11”

Boot size – ~10 – measured my bare foot at 28cm

Riding style – A freerider I guess. My buddies ride on hills mostly; I enjoyed carving back and forth. As I get comfortable I think I will want to go as fast as possible and maybe do a few minor tricks/jumps. All mountain board I assume?

Budget $500 for a board, boots and bindings, I could care less about brand or if it is a 2 year old design. I will likely only get out 5 or 6 times a year. Tons of gear locally on craigslist right now so I would prefer to do this all for a couple hundred dollar used.
Age - 31

Your location of riding – SE Michigan. Alpine Valley, Mt. Holly, Pine Knob, etc.
Length: Thinking 155 to 162 range? I rented an Atomic 150. I did take a few nasty spills when I got lazy and was not on an edge. Board was easy to maneuver which I liked but a larger board may have helped me a bit? My buddies said 152? Maybe they are right.

My setup was about +15degree on the front and 0 degrees on the back… damn 15yr old rental kids were basically laughing at me since I did not know a thing to start. Wish they were more helpful. Glad I’m doing my research now though.

I also have no idea where to start for boots and binding so any help is appreciated. I just don’t want to make a mistake here. It would be nice if someone recommend a full combo. Many choices that are good please so I have some options.

I know I hated skating in the bindings I rented as when they were open the binding kept getting in the way. They were really easy to get on though. I want the best of both worlds.

Thanks in advance,
you should post up some craigslist ads local to you and then we can recommend from there. your best bet will probably used if you want to spend $500 all in. you can get new stuff for that but it won't be great quality. although boots i would buy new and make sure you try a bunch on.

in before the "get a t. rice or never summer SL" comments!
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