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Thanks for everything snowolf, I was wondering if I could run everything by you one more time to see if it sounds like I got this right. Heading out tomorrow and wanna make sure I have it down! Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if you could just read over this and lemmee know if I'm misunderstanding something..

So I'm going down the mountain heel side, to initiate the next turn I'm going to flatten out my front foot which will cause the nose of the board to point down the fall line, a couple seconds later I'm going to flatten my back foot causing me to be on the flat face of my board, which will cause me to go straight down the mountain? I then get on my front toes and as soon as I feel that the turn has been committed I get on my toes with my back foot, looking in the direction I want to turn and moving my shoulder over my toe edge, keeping my hands behind me. And then repeat the process for heel edge?

Some final questions..

Do I need to do anything else with my back foot other than what I described above, will that be enough to go through with the turn?

When on my heel edge, my front shoulder needs to be behind my body over the heel edge of the board correct?

Also, do I, or do I not lean with my body when going through a turn? And if so am I just going to lean to which ever turn I'm on..

Also, do I need to be in a more athletic stance throughout linking turns, or during any more should I be standing up more.. I'm still kind of confused with what to do with my upper body is what I'm saying I guess.

Any other tips guys! I don't wanna miss anything!!!
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