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Originally Posted by XBOX360pro View Post
I am in need of some advice for my 360's i can never get the rotation all the way around. i got 180's down and i can hit decent sized jumps without a problem i just cant get those 3's.

here is a vid of a small 180
2011-01-27_13-05-11_290.mp4 video by XBOX360pro - Photobucket

here is a vid of a indy over a kicker ( if thats a kicker im not sure)
2011-02-10_19-26-06_481.mp4 video by XBOX360pro - Photobucket

both taken on same phone one was blurry as hell and the other is clear as day.

please give me any tips/advice. thanks
I can't see crap in the second vid so I'm going off the 180. I watched that about 20 times to try to analyze what's going on.

It looks like you're starting to counter rotate your upper body prior to the pop. You can do this on a 3 but shouldn't need to for a 180. You're also looking straight down instead of just watching your landing. Are you looking at your board? You'll see that your upper body opens up but then just kind of hangs there at 90. After that you're hucking your lower body to force the rest of the rotation. Also why you were off balance when you landed.

Honestly I'd say your 180 needs to be practiced and cleaned up before you attempt your FS 3. That needs to be clean and smooth without the 90 degree upper body freeze. I'd say that's why you're not completing a 3 rotation.

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