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Why do blue runs have all these snow mounds?

Writing this before i forget! I felt like today is a turning point (no pun intended) for me, I'm actually pretty much linking turns at ease!!
I stuck to the green 80% of the time, but this resort's green is really short, so I did go up to the blue a few times, it still freaked me out a little, but we'll go into that later.

First of all, I bought a new board. Ideally, I wanted a rocker/camber hybrid, but I ended up with the GNU B-Street because its on super sale and I like the graphics alot! I love the board by the way, I thought it will spin me like a helicopter, but it didnt! Getting off the lift is a bit difficult, but it could be because i'm used to the stomp pad, or just that I always kinda suck getting off lift.
I found a scratch on top of my board today (really pissed, but it's quite minor, do i need to fix this? I dont' even know when this happened!)

I am not sure if it's the board really alot more forgiving, or now i have a few more hours under my belt, or the board giving me more confidence, but i was able to link turns pretty much continuously today. I'm still a bit iffy on the toe turn especially early on the day, but towards the end, believe it or not, I didnt need to chant: relax front foot, board point straight down, flat base, turn shoulder, toe side with front foot, etc.... it was just alot more smooth!!

I also worked on working on shallower turns. I thought about watching snowolf's cat track video when I get to the mountain top, but by the time i got up there, I forgot about it. I can't remember if I engage both feet or still use the torsional flex for shallow turns, and I can't remember what I did, but it worked.

I also worked on flexing and unflexing, basically going low on my turns, stand up when my board goes straight. It works pretty well!!

So, when i get to the blue. I didn't have to guts to turn on my toeside *again*!! I tried, and it just won't turn. But I knew what happened. I freaked out at the speed so most of my weight were on my back foot, so it refuse to make the turn. I was able to fix this the next run, able to turn, however, I skid the crap out of the turn because I was still kinda scared. Leaning down the slope helps, but it takes alot of guts!!

The blue run area, steep, and also kinda uneven with snow mounds everywhere. Why is that? I don't see this on green runs, always on blues!?
I would very much want to go around them, but there are too many and I don't have time to think about this. And because of my rocker plus my lack of experience and technique, it's quite unstable to ride through these. Any way around it? I tried to keep my knees like noodles to absorb the bounce but it's very scary.

One thing I learned, while rocker boards are alot more forgiving, you can still catch edges. But I do feel that alot of time I would've caught an edge but didn't... very grateful.

I also want to thank everyone that helped me out!! Such a fun sport!
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