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Originally Posted by fayewolf View Post
How often do I have to wax my board by the way? The board I have is sintered base. I watched a video of how to wax the board, and the though of putting an iron over my board is freakn me out.
The regularity of your waxing is dependent on the snow and the wax you use. I, personally, use One Ball Jay Graphite wax. There are pro's and con's to waxing with graphite. The real pro is speed. I can out pace 90% of boarders at my hill after a fresh wax. I don't get hung up on stretched out green sections before a descent. The con is that graphite wax burns through rather quickly. Especially on midwest icepack. I wax before every outing.

As for other wax options, check the stickies at the top of the board section. There's a sticky on Waxing that has a ton of useful information. I, to this point, haven't tried a flouro yet, but from what I understand they last much longer (5-6 times out depending on conditions).

You can't go wrong either way. Also, sintered bases need to be waxed more often than extruded. They don't hold the wax as well. I'd recommend finding an all temperature Flouro and plan on every 3-4 times (if you're mainly on groomers).

The final thing to waxing is the temperature of wax pertaining to your conditions. My graphite wax is all temperature. It wears off fast but snow conditions don't matter as much. Some colder waxes won't be as quick on warmer days and vice versa.

I just got done waxing both my boards last night. I love it!

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