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Default Ima hop turner :( is that bad?

Watched videos, posted in here looking for answers, watched and read some more...

just something not translating through my thick skull

so after reading and watching people, I realized, I hop when I turn. Toe side, a little less. If I crash hard after trying to turn 'properly', I hop even more going to my heelside turns.

I try to slide turn and I catch an edge.

My biggest problem is, when I start my turn Im not facing downhill I think, board still at a 30 deg angle (or less) from pointing down the fall line. I get too flat and catch a back edge. (board goes in one direction, my body desperating hopes the board will make its way around.

I THINK my weigh balance is alot of the issue... dunno.

Is this bad? Will I eventually work my way out of this or am I ingraining this into my brain?

I'm still very new, haven't had a full season under my belt and had to miss a couple weeks because of being sick and for work..
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